Into New Hampshire

12 October 2019 Off By nonsavant

Today we bid farewell to Martin, Willa and family and made our way towards New Hampshire. But first we had a little errand to take care of: on leaving Elizabeth’s we had managed to leave our waterproof jackets and, as she was in the area visiting friends, we arranged to drop in. After another stunning, windy drive over the Green mountains, the GPS led us on to ever smaller dirt roads. On arriving at what the GPS considered our destination, and asking the confused but friendly gent playing with his kids for the house number we were seeking, he didn’t even know where the house was!

The GPS had led us astray and there was no mobile signal for a check on google maps. As the most that google could indicate was the rough direction, we continued through the woods on dirt tracks, and eventually found a spot with a good enough signal to get a proper bearing. After that, everything went smoothly and we were reunited with our waterproofs.

We stopped for lunch in what appeared to be a local favourite, the wayfarer inn in Barre. So popular that there was a queue to be seated. We persevere and were rewarded With an authentic diner experience. Johanna’s choice of steak sandwich with gravy was the highlight, as were the free refills of coffee.

Driving through north eastern Vermont, we stopped briefly at the Cabot Creamery for a look around the gift shop, cheese tasting and a promotional video. The dairy is still run as a cooperative with over 4000 member farms.

In St. Johnsbury we were a little too late to visit any attractions and had to be content with a stroll around the town, and we finished the day rolling over the border into New Hampshire to our motel, the Coos Motor Inn by Lancaster.