Category: New England 2019

Here’s a map showing the route of our trip through New England, starting and ending in Boston. Each section corresponds to a change of accommodation.

There are 13 posts in total, with some highlights – hikes and a boat trip, for example – linked as icons on the map. Otherwise all of the posts are listed below.

Sightseeing in Boston and visiting Harvard University

The Boston History Trail and Harvard University.

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Aftermath of the storm

No electricity and a visit to a museum.

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Bath and MacMahon Island

Mount Washington

Driving to the top of New England’s highest peak.

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Hiking in New Hampshire’s White Mountains

Beautiful scenery and a long, enjoyable hike in New Hampshire.

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Into New Hampshire

Getting lost in the backwoods of Vermont.

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Brunch, soccer and dancing

Hiking Mount Mansfield

Hiking Vermont’s highest mountain

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Snake Mountain and a trip to Barre

Snakes, salamanders and a cemetery

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Exploring Middlebury