Königssee and Obersee

3 September 2020 Off By nonsavant

Königssee, the fjord-like lake in the extreme southeast of Bavaria, is one of the areas top tourist attractions. It must attract thousands of people each day, most of whom take one of the (electric!) ferries along the lake and get out to walk and visit the restaurants or mountain huts (alms).

We decided to take the tourist option too, and sailed down the lake – pausing halfway for a trumpet recital from one of the crew, demonstrating the impressive echoes created by the steep cliffs.

On reaching the bottom, we walked up to the next lake, Obersee, and enjoyed some refreshments at the mountain hut there, including fresh milk from their alpine cows.

On the way back, we also stopped at St. Bartholomä, a small peninsula of land nestled under the massive Watzmann mountain ridge, the second highest in Germany.

GPS Track (including some interesting altitudinal inconsistencies!)