Arrival in Boston and visiting Rhode Island

6 October 2019 Off By nonsavant

Our flight was uneventful and we arrived a little early in Boston. Passport control was interesting: massive queues, high tech machines which didn’t seem to work, and they weren’t even interested in our carefully filled out ESTA forms. We picked up our hire car, expecting a small hatchback and ended up with a big SUV, a Mitsubishi Outlander (but more of that later).

Getting out of the airport and Boston was pretty stressful but eventually we were on the highway heading south to Rhode Island.

After a night at Elizabeth and Bill’s in Bristol, we headed off in the direction of Vermont, after first checking out the local state park, Colt State Park. In Rhode Island you’re never far from the sea, and we enjoyed a breezy, refreshing walk around the park.

Short walk around Colt State Park