L’Arche de Corte

22 October 2018 0 By nonsavant

This turned into a very long walk of over 20 km, including a steep ascent through stunning rock formations, soft paths through peaceful, deserted woodland and a deep river gorge.

Starting in the inland town of Corte, a steep climb brought us into ever more impressive scenery, firstly through richly coloured shrub and woodland and then into rough cliffs, with weather-sculptured rocks.

The “arche” is a natural rock arch and makes the perfect spot for a picnic. Instead of heading back down the same way, we decided to make a loop and continued higher, passing into an upland grazing area which had already been deserted for the season. The descent took us first on a wonderful easy, speedy descent through massive pine forests on narrow but easy to navigate tracks. From here we also had great views of Corsica’s highest peak, Monte Cinto.

To reach the Tavignano river, cutting a deep gorge through the mountains, required a very steep, winding descent down the level of the river. After that it was “just” another 6-7 km back to the car.

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