Hiking in Peru

8 October 2019 Off By nonsavant

We started the day with breakfast in the motel, and that was an experience not to be missed. The highlight for me was the DIY waffle machine, including a batter dispenser and maple syrup on tap. My first creation was maple syrup with chocolate chips, my second, maple syrup with peanut butter. The coffee was terrible, the crockery was disposable, the music appeared to be looping every ten seconds, but the waffles saved the day!

After breakfast we headed back into town, this time in blazing sunshine, for a proper look around. Brattleboro has a fantastic secondhand and antiques shop, Twice upon a time, and we couldn’t resist a second coffee from Mocha Joe’s.

But then it was on to the southern Green Mountains and our first proper hike, Styles Peak and Peru Peak.

Hike: Styles Peak and Peru Peak