Cycle to the Ardèche river

21 June 2012 Off By nonsavant

Thursday dawned, and I fancied trying to reach the Ardèche river where it twists and winds through a gorge. The area is a nature reserve and it promised some spectacular views. I wasn’t disappointed.

What with the cracking weather, I went through a lot of sunscreen and water on this ride. The route started with a good climb over the hills north of Privat and then a meandering pedal along the tarmac roads connecting various picturesque little villages. On reaching the nature reserve, the track became much rougher until eventually I abandoned the bike and continued on foot until I reached a viewpoint over the river – stunning! I took a different route on the return leg, passing through yet more pretty little villages before coasting back down the hill to Privat, a shower, and a jump in the pool.

Cycle route