Photos from Rubha Phoil

14 October 2005 Off By nonsavant

Did a variety of things today: sawed-up some firewood, wove some willow shoots into a living fence, wheel-barrowed hay for mulching, and helped tidy a big shed. Also managed to severely embarrass myself by mistaking a scrap metal dealer’s car for a wreck that he’d come to pick up…

Here’s some photos.

This was the view from Ardvasar Bay yesterday morning

This is the shack is stayed in on my first night

Some images of the workshop, where I’m now sleeping and eating:

The workshop from the path

Inside the workshop looking at the seating area

Inside the workshop looking at the kitchen area 

Personally, I’m quite happy with this view in the morning. Beats sitting on the train trundling over the Forth Rail Bridge.

Knoydart from Armadale on Skye

Compost toilet at Rubha Phoil

Some of you will know I went to a Scottish permaculture gathering at Talamh in Lanarkshire last month. I may have mentioned the compost toilets – “shitting into a bucket and letting it rot into compost? Sounds barbaric!” – you probably thought. Well, I’m sure it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it ain’t that bad. Here’s the (rather posh compared to Talamh) compost toilet at Rubha Rhoil.

As you can see, you’ve got your toilet seat and toilet paper. What’s the big deal? In place of plumbing there’s a straight drop down into a container a few feet below floor level, and on the right there’s a box of sphagnum moss which you tear up and drop on afterwards. That’s all. Smells a damn-sight better than most public toilets. Oh yes, and you get compost eventually!

Talking of plumbing, I’ve learnt how to get water into the hot water tank and so enjoyed a nice warm shower today; well-needed and well-deserved.