Herbalist’s Garden at Pitnacree

8 March 2006 Off By nonsavant

Just under a month ago, I left Edinburgh and got back on the road to doing some more permaculture-related volunteering. Pitnacree is just off the A9 towards Aberfeldy, and I’m staying with Jacqui and family at the Herbalist’s Garden.

The house

The pond

The view down the Strath

Jacqui is a medicinal herbalist, and grows many of her own herbs and vegetables. I’m helping out in the garden: clearing and mulching raised beds ready for planting, repairing cold frames, landscaping the fire pit area and generally learning lots about gardening as we go along. I’m also learning some simple herbalism from Jacqui. So far we’ve looked at the digestive system, skin and the immune system, and what herbs can be used to treat problems in these areas. We’ve also covered cultivating and harvesting herbs, and how to make the various preparations such as tinctures, oils, creams and decoctions. All very interesting stuff.

Have had some great, if chilly, weather. Climbed a nearby Corbett, Meall Tairneachan, the other day – sun, bright blue skies, but absolutely freezing above the tree line. Fantastic views of Schiehallion, Ben Lawers and the Cairngorms.

From Meall Tairneachan looking towards Ben Lawers and Loch Tay

Me on top

Last but not least, I have to include some photos of Jacqui’s boys.

Robbie (7) on the tyre and David (4) on me