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12 March 2008 Off

Another year at Wiston

By nonsavant

I ended my last entry, dated 30th December 2006, with the comment that my next entry would be headed 2007. As it turns out, here we are in March 2008! So I’ve got quite a lot of filling in to do, and I’m mainly going to post a lot of photos and a few paragraphs about what I’ve been up to for the past 13 months.

30 December 2006 Off

First few months at Wiston Lodge

By nonsavant

It’s been a couple of months since I updated this diary, and I’d just left Orkney to do some more volunteering. Well, I came straight to a place called Wiston Lodge and have been here almost 3 months now.

21 October 2006 Off

Round-up of Summer 2006

By nonsavant

After a summer of neglect, this diary is wildly out of date. One of the main reasons for this is that I’ve not been doing much volunteering, but have been working and generally doing other things. Here’s a summery summary

17 July 2006 Off

More adventures on Eigg

By nonsavant

Have been busy working on a redesign of the site, amongst other things, which is my excuse for not having posted a diary entry for almost 2 months! This entry will look back at my remaining time on Eigg at the end of April and start of May.

25 April 2006 Off

On the Isle of Eigg

By nonsavant

Arrived on Eigg on Saturday 15th April, so have been here a bit over a week now. I’m volunteering for Bob and Norah, who are renovating the old hunting lodge here. They intend to create an environmental education centre that will demonstrate sustainable building techniques and host courses on related subjects.

8 March 2006 Off

Herbalist’s Garden at Pitnacree

By nonsavant

Just under a month ago, I left Edinburgh and got back on the road to doing some more permaculture-related volunteering. Pitnacree is just off the A9 towards Aberfeldy, and I’m staying with Jacqui and family at the Herbalist’s Garden.

6 February 2006 Off


By nonsavant

I’ve been in Edinburgh for about 4 weeks, staying with friends and helping with some DIY. I’m writing this on the train back to Glasgow. It’s 11:45am and there’s a guy drinking a can of Tennant’s opposite; Monday mornings can be tough for some.

28 December 2005 Off

Christmas 2005

By nonsavant

Returned from Scoraig to Glasgow on Friday 23rd to spend Christmas with my family, here in Bishopbriggs.